About us

Parkeon has installed more than 200.000 car parking meters all over the world. Parkeon has recently developed a Mobile Parking solution named Whoosh! This solution has already been adopted by more than 50 cities in France, the United Kingdom, Spain and the USA.

Waysis, is spearheading the Mobile Parking market in the Benelux with its well-known Yellowbrick solution. It is active in more than 140 cities in Belgium and the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the country with the highest number of Mobile Parking users in the world and innovative parking technologies.

Yellowbrick International B.V aims at deploy the Yellowbrick and Whoosh! Mobile Parking solutions on an international level.  It will also take advantage from Parkeons’ vast geographical coverage and its in-depth knowledge of mobility issues, as well as Waysis’s expertise in managing digital services, customer care and brand recognition of the Yellowbrick brand. 

About Parkeon

Parkeon is a leading player in the field of urban mobility and smart city solutions. By offering a unique, all-encompassing range of parking management and public transport ticketing solutions, Parkeon is now present in 60 countries.  And is successfully accelerating its growth in emerging countries in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Latin America and North Africa. Each day, the company proves its capacity for constant innovation. Parkeon systems and equipment are already facilitating urban mobility in 4,000 cities. Parkeon employs a workforce of more than 1,000 people across the world and achieved a turnover of 185 million euros in 2013.

For more information, please visit: www.parkeon.com 

About Waysis

Waysis is a leading innovator in the world of virtual or digitalized parking solutions. Based in The Netherlands, it’s foundations were laid over 90 years ago. As a technology company Waysis (including Brickparking and Brickyard) is active worldwide with a strong focus on the European market.

Our in-house developed software solutions are focussed on improving mobility. This ranges from mobile parking payment to mobile and camera enforcement systems and from permitting systems to innovative number plate based parking solutions, which offer easy parking management with as little hardware as possible.

We are an expert in combining and translating data into insights. All kinds of information obtained through various sensors, like number plate cameras and enforcement systems, are combined in a smart way. We enrich and analyse and also connect to third party applications. The result is an optimal enforcement policy and targeted governance, contributing to the liveability of our cities. 

We have a rich sense of curiosity that openly questions the impact of not only our actions but those of others, the business and competitors. To move efforts forward, our cross-functional teams, either formal or informal, together our major suppliers and customers are working together to build and implement these new solutions.

For more information, please visit www.waysis.com