Yellowbrick International: easy to stay, less to pay!

Parkeon and Waysis are the leaders in the (mobile) parking solutions. Together Waysis and Parkeon pooled their solutions and founded Yellowbrick International B.V. on October 1st 2014. 

With the fast growing technologies Yellowbrick International tries to bring it closer to the drivers convenience. With products that help the driver park, locate parkingspots and paying afterwards throughout an simple application. But also other formats such as with an Intervoice Response System and the parking wallet will enhance the experience of parking your car in a consumer friendly way. Which all go under one roof in the category of Mobile Parking. Providing hassle free parking not only for regular use on street, but also for event and visitor parking.

Yellowbrick International offers two brands: A postpaid and a prepaid solution as in Yellowbrick and Whoosh! Yellowbrick aims to act as a professional, reliable and innovative service provider and to offer an easy to use and customer-oriented service.